Guns N' Roses Slot Machine

Guns N Roses Slot Game

Following the exciting announcement that NetEnt will be soon be releasing a Guns N Roses themed slot machine in 2015 we are getting things ready to bring you an exclusive sneak preview of this exciting new slot game, including a run down of features and in game bonuses.

We are super excited about the possibilities that a Guns N Roses themed game might bring with it - with the bands 30 year anniversary recently passing NetEnt have an almost limitless number of classic tunes that we expect will be incorporated into the slot gameplay.

BREAKING NEWS! GnR Slot Release Date Confirmed

This is it people! NetEnt have just announced along with their video preview that the Guns N' Roses slot is set for release on 16th January 2016! Watch the exclusive video preview today!

Guns N Roses Slot Featured Tracks

Think of all the Guns N Roses classics that NetEnt can choose from...Paradise City, Live & Let Die, Night Train and of course November Rain. Interestingly at the 2015 ICE Exhibition was one of the actual Les Paul guitars signed by Guns N Roses legends Slash and Axel Rose!

Guns N Roses Slash Signed Guitar

That same guitar was actually used in the Guns N Roses - November Rain music video...perhaps a clue ofwhat is to come in the Guns N Roses slot game?

Where to play the Guns N Roses Slot

We've rounded up a short list of the best NetEnt casinos offering the latest online slots, so when the Guns N Roses slot is launched later this year these guys will likely be the first to grab hold of it. Check out our list of NetEnt Casinos and setup your account today - check back here frequently and we'll get the latest Guns N Roses slot news so you can be the first to know when this awesome new slot game goes live!

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